Spring is here and I feel fresh and new! That sounds so lame, but it is so real. A few days of natural vitamin D is great medicine.

I went to Florida last week. Disney, of course. G’s family has been in the DVC for years so I get to enjoy the perks. We go every couple of years and it never ceases to be exciting! I emptied my wallet for Cheshire Cat swag, also a few Jack Skellingtons (cute and creepy is my favorite).

We had some awkwardness when some cast members thought we were honeymooning (long story) and we kept being congratulated. I was a bit befuddled, but I have decided it was funny!

The problem with Disney is that, as a former cast member, I get incredibly nostalgic. Being a CP was the best experience ever! Part of me lives still at Right Block, Hollywood Studios.

A special treat of my trip was visiting my buddy Nygel. We met 10+ years ago on Myspace and he was a huge part of my adjustment to FA. Though I was dx long before that, I never talked about it, I never did anything. So our Myspace group really was a great place of support.

He also has an adorable pug that I forgot to take a picture of!!

Anyway, no one cares about this, but I’m trying to be a more consistent writer.

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