I keep seeing various memes and articles saying things like “liberals are whining because they didn’t get their way” or “whiny liberals should just move” and this has made me angrier than anything in this new Trump-era.


Because NO, I am not whining because I didn’t get my way (PSA, my way was over a long time ago, keep Berning). We have had Republican presidents before and we are OK, just like you are fine in Obama’s eighth year. We have great respect for the Democratic process, we don’t blame our losses on a “rigged” election. Republicans aren’t the problem here either, their candidate is. Was. The President-elect now.


Because NO, it’s not about politics. Win some, lose some, keep moving forward. Just like always. Trump isn’t a politician, and as a businessman all he knows is how to win, how to manipulate the game so he gets his own way. (And liberals are the whiny ones?)


But we are MAD that kids are crying to their ¬†parents because they fear their best friend will be deported. We are MAD that our own friends live in fear because of their skin color. We are MAD that disabled benefits are no longer safe; that the VP openly supported conversion therapy, but was still elected; that the EPA will be in the hands of people who don’t believe in climate change (btw, I wore a tank-top on Halloween this year). We are MAD because suddenly being a woman comes with an asterisk*. Don’t even get me started on Transgender rights.


So I am mad, but it’s not because I didn’t get my way. It’s because the country will not be safe and free under that overcooked sweet potato. And the environment? Lord help us all.12920246_1282213381789637_6975807602651300013_n

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